Yes, We Went to The Moon


The evidence for the moon landings by American astronauts is in mountainous abundance. The astronauts preparations, prior missions, the documentation of their missions to the moon, the evidence left there and brought back, and the explorer’s debriefing–as well as the journalistic & scientific reporting on the accomplishment—cannot be diluted by the handful of conspiratorial accusations in the areas of optics and physics.

All aspects of the journeys are described in great technical detail (about which physicists and engineers can explain the apparent “anomalies” claimed to be in existence–showing how misconceptions come from ill-informed assumptions. If this were not the case–if the moon missions were a hoax, ignorance of everything being discussed herein and elsewhere, would be obvious, The evidence and erudition therefrom, would not be.

When I was a young boy, my father called the Johnson Space Center and had materials sent to me: the scientific experiments and their results (in the form of fist-thick texts) about the moon missions—because I had said I was interested in the space program; The heavy books, which explicitly review in painstaking point-by-point detail (in written, graphic, and equation form) the entire body of work done on the lunar surface by the Apollo 16 and 17 astronauts, make it clear—along with data at the NASA websites, at museums, and in countless books—that America did in fact go to the Earth’s closest neighbor, Luna—in the late nineteen-sixties and seventies.gemini-program-space-photos-scanned-michael-collins-blurry_47265_600x450We have moon rocks. We have the testimonies of these (Apollo 11 Astronauts in the post flight debriefing on You Tube) and we have their documented historical, medical, and municipal public and–medical histories and the testimonies of 10 other men who walked on the moon (not discounting the seven Command Module pilots who went to the moon–which could be included as well).

We have movies of phenomena occurring on the moon—such as the pendulum-swing video, taken of a restraining cord that swung in such a way on the moon—suspended from a scientific experiment deployment bay on the lunar excursion module (LEM)—such as it cannot… on Earth. Look it up.Finally, we have thousands of photographs and movies of astronauts on the moon, not containing anomalies, and of the moon, itself–the features of which match the geography of the moon as documented by satellite photography and probes we have sent there.

gemini-program-space-photos-scanned-ed-white-above-hawaii_47256_600x450And let us not forget many photographs can and have been taken of Earth from the moon and of the moon from Earth. Orbiting devices in lunar orbit now, show the artifacts our astronauts left on the moon: flags, experiment packages (which by the way still send data to Earth), life-support systems (“backpacks”), the decent stages of six LEMs (Lunar Excursion Modules, or Lunar Modules [LM]), lunar rovers, and the like. The evidence is clear. And men (one of whom I know) are writing laws to protect these historical objects and where they are. Would that be part of “the hoax”, too?If you are interested in manned spaceflight, of course you are looking at a source that has endless references and information: the internet. Books I would recommend include, Carrying the Fire, by astronaut Michael Collins (geared toward children, actually) as well as other publications by astronauts, engineers, and science writers (sorry, I read piles of books on the subject as a boy and as a young man, but have to do research to find those titles — and I will, posting them here).I also recommend the Netflixs series, When We Left Earth, which briefly but thoroughly and originally describes the topic from the Mercury program through the moon landings, to the international space station, with a very relevant theme of acquiring skills necessary to go to the moon. Of course, the classic film, The Right Stuff is a very exciting and realistic portrayal of the beginning of the American space program and Apollo 13 is also quite a thriller and an accurate depiction of history as well.


Happy learning, and keep dreaming, and if you are a young man or woman and would like to be part of the missions to the moon, Mars, and Asteroids, I recommend a steady diet of unfettered learning, dreaming, and strict goal – setting. After all, mankind is star-bound, determined to continue the human journey deeper into space begun not even sixty years ago — regardless of who disbelieves it. They are going — with or without you.

Carl Atteniese

Lakewood, Colorado,

September 21st, 2013

Photos (from the top): Tom Stafford, Michael Collins, Ed White, Buzz Aldrin; These are from the Gemini Program. I will add Apollo Program photos in the future.  Photos: NASA

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Carl Atteniese

Carl Atteniese is a writer, artist, voice actor and ESL tutor from New York in Tokyo.

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