Living Well–or Better

I hope you found me in a happy state–meaning you arrived feeling happy, yourself!

Sit wherever you like!–or better, stand; it’s healthier.
Here are a few tips,
because I care about you:

1. Are you drinking a hot beverage from a plastic bottle? I wouldn’t, especially if I haven’t had children, yet. Are you eating plastic? Probably. Especially if you heat polystyrene food containers in microwaves and eat ramen and other hot meals out of the same containers. And most large fish contain plastic, such as tuna (the ocean has more plastic in it than biological matter, now–so they ingest it) — as they contain more metal than small fish.

Plastic–if it is not BPA & BPS-free leaches into your drinks and food and can disrupt your hormonal system (so are called endocrine disruptors)–contributing to health problems for you and your future children.

Please don’t buy or use cheap vacuum bottles, either–without a BPA/BPS-free guarantee (and not everyone thinks BPA-free is safe); and especially do not give them to your children or young adults to use. And while you are at it, don’t eat hot food from Styrofoam either; remember those cups we used to see coffee in? Banned in Europe and the US, now. That’s why Starbucks’s offers paper!

So ramen and combini (convenience store in Japanese) microwave meals are a “no no”! Frankly, I am surprised local people do not know this. Or is it that I don’t know something special about Japanese plastic? Learn about “safe” plastic here.


PLASTIC IS EVERYWHERE 👀 We need a Global Plastics Treaty Now! ⚠️sign the petition!⚠️ #BreakFreeFromPlastic #climatecrisis #plasticpollution

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2. (We’re almost done): Are you regularly taking in cigarette smoke passively? Did you know it contains nuclear radiation? Yes–it unequivocally does–because the fertilizers used to grow tobacco contain radioactive lead and polonium. Forget the 7- 9,000 other burning carcinogens in a cigarette; yes, arsenic and carbon monoxide, cadmium and plastic polymers are killing you–but the radiation is what finishes off inhalers of cigarette smoke . Look it up. And if you smoke, you are absorbing more radiation than astronauts, airline pilots & flight attendants and nuclear power plant workers.

The nose isn’t real, of course. But you do need to snugly cover your nose when wearing a mask. It is connected to your lungs; or–didn’t you know that? LOL!

3. Masks work. They don’t work in terms of the fiction naysayers spread; they do work in terms of what scientists, doctors and engineers say they should doespecially if you wear several of them; they build up a moisture barrier in front of your nose and mouth (your nose and mouth are connected, by the way–to your lungs, so covering only your mouth is–well… ridiculously silly; when you inhale and exhale via your mouth, you do the same via your nostrils. It’s unavoidable. It’s physics).

The moisture barrier that masks create catches globular clusters of liquid molecules, including when they contain COVID and other virus particles (this is different from atomized, aerosolized separate particles). It’s a physics issue–as is the issue of fluid dynamics, which governs what happens to aerosolized SARS Cov2 particles.

Did you know that your body–emits a heat plume (of course; we are 98.6 degrees warm–hopefully!); this heat carries airborne virus particles up (not down–yes, heat fights gravity and wins), and this causes COVID particles to float in the air–especially indoors, and most especially on trains, planes and in automobiles, where the downward pressure of air conditioning and the upward pressure of your heat plume(s) balance the virus particles at about head-level, where they can float up to 60 meters in some conditions–and remain there for twenty minutes.

And, because we live in the midst of fluid air–much like fish in water live amidst water molecules–circulating air currents, from air conditioning, breezes, human and animal breath–and generated by our motion, we are surrounded by a soup of these particles, too.

So when in public, even across a room from the nearest people, wear your masks when possible–until the living SARS Cov2 virus species is either as harmless as the common cold, or extinct. And if you are smart–you’ll wear several masks, as I do. Astronauts, doctors and scientists wear masks. Why shouldn’t we?

It’s not about being scared; it’s about being prepared, and smart, and honest & educated about reality (measured by science). And–we wear the masks for others (as well as for ourselves)–for older people and those with compromised immune systems–whom COVID can make very sick and whom it can kill. Besides, you shouldn’t want this virus in your body, because it most certainly it is not like the flu, which is merely respiratory and presents symptoms almost as soon as you contract it–whereas SARS Cov2 presents symptoms after you have started shedding it to others–by several days (and you don’t know when you have picked it up)!
COVID damages the epithelial lining of arteries, veins, capillaries and organs–meaning it can damage your entire body. Be smart–and caring! Remember, COVID is physics–and you can’t change physics, but you can change how you think.

4. One last thing: Please don’t idle your car. There is a climate crisis to care about–because it’s your children’s’ future you are destroying by pumping unnecessary pounds of fossil fuels into an already overloaded and overheating atmosphere. And if you don’t think this is true (and it unequivocally is)–think of the asthma, COPD, chronic lung disease and cancer your car and the fossil-fuel-powered energy grids are causing. If you are cold or hot outside in your car–go inside. Modern society and its accommodations–even outside the cities–boasts coffee shops, hotels, even very accommodating convenience stores restaurants, especially here in Japan! There is no excuse for what I call “living rooming” in one’s car–sitting there having lunch, scrolling on one’s phone, watching TV–with the engine running. Besides–it’s illegal in Japan! Think about it. We are the only species that is wrecking the atmosphere this way and affecting it for millions of years to come!

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