Welcome Teachers, Students, Admins

Yes–my hair grew back. I sincerely hope and trust you found me well. Thank you for looking.

Yes, my hair is growing back.

I’m Carl–from New York. I live in Tokyo. I began teaching English as a Second Language way back in 1996. I have lived in a few different places in the US and South Korea and now live and teach Japan. I have been here since 2018.

Teaching is sharing ideas and information to enrich one another’s lives. When we teach children, it is so important to listen–deeply, as we do in conversations with adults. And when we do this, we pay attention to whom someone is, how this person feels and what this persons means when communicating with us.

Shinjuku, Tokyo

It is a delicate and crucial time for the world–politically, financially, production wise and ecologically. That means we can taking our jobs as teachers as important as anything else, because our effective, emotionally and educationally–can help make a difference for the better. We should be making our students feel that they are an important part of this world, because they will have to take care of it and survive it when we no longer are making the decisions in it. o everyone should be treated with love and respect, so they may continue on after us happily and successfully….

Today–we are a wiser species–recognizing more than ever, the differences and right to those differences, among the world’s people. People–like the personalities of all species yearn to be free. We can help enable that my helping those we teach and interact with know they are free–and worthy of it.

Teaching in Bundang, Dong, Seoul

Children are natural learners, inquisitors, artists, scientists and explorers; they can only be deterred from that natural inclination by misguided parenting and teaching; and they are not in control of the world–yet
Adults are. And though I teach children, I take teaching adults as fundamentally ore important in some ways–namely in the privilege of educating those in charge of the fate of the world right now….

From a Whiteboard in Seoul, 2004

I want to help the adults to
not drop the ball, as it were….

The ball is our children’s’ world. We are handing it off to them. How do you want to hand the world off to your children? Broken, damaged, poorly run–on the way to destruction, or like a loving parent giving a cherished gift?

Learn English for them. They understand it far better than you–even without an accomplished teacher like me.

Worcester, UK, 2004–on holiday from South Korea

Carl Atteniese,
in Itabashi,

to get you up to speed in saving the world–for your kids.